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Riv. sp. ornatus.
type ? Male.

Odd bits of my life, described in text and photographs,
which I have enjoyed experiencing.

Like my trips to Colombia / Panama / Brazil / Thailand and Peru
plus my visits to the incredible
Livebearer fish farms of the kibbutz's ,
found in the valley of the dead sea, in Israel,
and my time as a tropical fish breeder,
Importer & Exporter.

Riv. sp. ornatus. type ? Female.

Photo by Steve McAlear.

Original site of Riv.sp.1....which, no longer excist.
Photo by Steve McAlear.

Odontocharacidium aphanes..( red form ).

Procatopus nototaenia ( form ).

Renovia oscara.
( Colombia )

Endlers Tiger Guppy.

Procatopus sp.?.

Zoogoneticus quitzeoensis

( Mexico )

Nomorhamphus ravnai ravnaki

( S - Sulawesi )

Brachyrhaphis cascajalensis ?

( Panama )

Double Red Neon blue Swordtail Guppies.

( North America )

Colombian Jungle stream,
Called by the name of Quebrada Yahuacaca

Colombian Jungle brook.

Last shove and were off, and a lovely
morning it was for getting about,
This photo was taken right outside Puerto Narino.

A wet and early morning outing & our boatman,
was not happy about it, even with his trusty cap on.

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